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Well, hello there...

 my name is Autumn Locke.

I'm just your average girl, planted here in the Midwest with my love and two babies. My inspiration is born out of some of the simplest moments: driving the backroads by my house as the sun is setting, holding my baby as my toddler leans over to give her a kiss, reaching for my husbands hand and remembering the day I put a ring on his finger. Each of these daily experiences and many more fill my heart and that overflows into my art.

I've always viewed the world in a romantic way. I grew up in just a normal suburban house that backed up to some woods, a "creek", and a field but you would think it was the wild country-side of Scotland the way I talked about it. That 1 acre of land was a playground for my dreamers heart. I'll have you keep in mind, I am the girliest tom-boy you will ever meet. You would definitely find me in a dress covered in dirt "planting" gardens, building bridges over the creek and telling stories to my siblings and the neighborhood kids up until the last ray of light left the sky.


Truth be told, I've always lost myself in a good story, which it's no surprise that I have often found myself during a session (probably wearing flip flops in a field), with tall grass up to my waist, watching the glowy light envelope my clients, and thought to myself  "Am I in a dream? No literally. This is dreamy... I'm capturing this dream right now!"

I do love photographing people in natural environments, maybe it's that little girl in me, covered in dirt dreaming of a good adventure, but it's where I feel most connected and inspired. 

And if I just lost you and you are thinking: ME? In a field? It's not about the field or the light (although I have a sweet spot for both) it's about the story I'm honored to capture by the interaction that you are sharing with your loved ones. Honest. Your story inspires me, and I'll never take the opportunity you have given me to capture your answered prayers for granted. 

My goal is to capture my clients in an authentic, intimate, beautiful way that will remind them of that moment and take their breathe away again, and again.

A few more details about me...

I have a slight obsession with home decor. Just ask me about some of my favorite local thrift stores.

I love country music but you can often find me car dancing with my windows down to to pretty much any genre.

Coffee+Autumn = A happy productive human being. (even if it has been microwaved 8768736846 times)

I have two little best friends (children), Kaden&Blaire & I am completely obsessed with them.

My husband and I have been together for 14 years, and he is my favorite person to do pretty much anything and nothing with. When we aren't working or wrangling our kids we love to hang out with friends, drink good whiskey, travel, go fishing, and binge watch some TV. 

God is my source of strength and I give Him all the praise for any victory in my personal life&business.

My laugh kind of sounds like a seal, no really, and I'm really sorry because you will probably hear it, and definitely hear it now that I've pointed it out. 


I'm a 7, and if you know-you-know. 

My husband is a Police Officer, making me a proud member of the BLUE line family and I offer discounts to all first responders/military.

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Contact me

Tel: 636.544.8825


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